Hi guys & gals,

After my recent bad experiences with inlet manifold and EGR, here are 2 updates from me, 1 good, 1 bad.

Good - Last weekend I gave the car a good clean and installed the interior rear light.
Bad - In freeing the loom from the sticky white tape, I managed to rip the loom, severing all the circuit tracks.
Good - After buying a new soldering iron, I managed to solder the broken circuits and tape up. The light works.
I have taken a load of pictures of the estate-specific steps required in order to pull down the headlining and will post these in the relevant section in due course.

Bad - on the way to work on Wednesday, the battery/alternator light came on. "I hope that's not the alternator!" was my first thought. I checked the manual and the forum and it seemed the most likely culprit. On the way home I experienced the process well-documented on here - ABS light, engine management light, power steering light (and loss of), flickering colour display. I charged the battery overnight and the same happened on the way to work on Thursday, with the addition of a black display and all dials freezing. Before I left work I called the Car Shop and the RAC. The RAC changed the battery over so I could drive to the Car Shop, who are repairing (new alternator) free of charge, and gave me a lift home. I'm hoping that they get it done today or tomorrow as we're going on holiday next week. Interestingly enough, the customer service guy said that mine was the third 56-plate Vectra in for a new altenator this week.

I'm kind of hoping that, if the DMF is going to go, it goes in the next few weeks so that it can be repaired under the 3-month no-quibble warranty...