Morning all, yesterday i gave my sri dti a service as it was lacking in power low end of the rev range and drinking a fair bit of diesel & starting the car was a little trouble-some.
My wife works for a local motor factors, she got full service kit for the grand sum of £48.00 (bargain).
All filters replaced - oil change - new coolant/antifreeze - cleaned out e.g.r - spill off pipes, now its so much smoother to drive & power delivery is back & starts on the button.
I also had to empty out the near side front fog light electrical connector of water, i had the bulb fault thingy come up, fixed the pre-heater for glow plugs (no light) comes on every time now.
I did not realise how important the air & fuel filter is on a derv compared to a petrol, looked like an insect cemmetry in there.
All in all a very satisfying morning.