Can anybody shed any light on this problem? Done a search and nothing seems similar.

When I release the clutch pedal it come up about 2 inches and then immediately engages. No biting point, it's either on or off. The pedal then sticks in that position. When I depress it again it works normally i.e reaches the normal travel and biting point.

There are no leaks anywhere and the car drives normally for the rest of the journey. It's only doing this about two or three times a week but it is getting worse.

The car is currently in the local dealers but they are telling me that they have no idea what would cause the symptoms I've described to them although they are not ruling out the master/slave cylinder yet. The problem now is that they need the car to reproduce the problem while they have got it otherwise it's coming back to me as it is. They did mention that the car was juddering slightly from a standing start (I hadn't noticed TBH) but that this was not related to the sticking pedal. I guess this maybe more DMF. They have logged the fault with Vauxhall Technical - the car is under warranty - but nothing has come back from them yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.