Well folks the time has come for the first ek cruise of 2010,
we have been holding off announcing one till the weather picked up. As stated elsewhere though, the ekcruise.co.uk website is no longer alive due to our site hosts shutting up shop without notice and us being silly enough not to have a back up copy.
The cruise will take place on Wednesday the 10th of March from 7.30pm onwards in the ORIGINAL carpark (olympia) although this could be subject to change so check this thread before you leave.
As usual, no handbrake turns, donuts, bouncing cars off the limiter or burnouts. Please use bins and toilets provided and adhere to any instruction given by centre secuirity.
Thanks for reaading and we look foward to seeing you there.

The EK Cruise team

Vectras Meeting at StrathyPark 6:30pm
Meeting at the beach part, Coming from the motherwell side, its the 3rd left.
The Convoy Leaving StrathyPark at 7:00pm to go to EK cruise

Event : EK Cruise
Date : Wednesday 10th of March
Time : 19:30 - 22:30
Location : Olympia Car Park
Postcode : G74 1PG