I have a 2005 Signum 2.0 DTi. Since buying this car at christmas it has spent more time in the garage than out and still seems no better.
Initially the car drove fine but then one day when parked in a shooping car park it refused to start on my return from shopping. I fired up but the fault symbol came up with a car with a large spanner across it and the engine coughed for a few seconds and cut out. If you kept your foot on the accelerator it would just about keep going for a minute or so. Added to this the exhaust fumes were thicker than normal and smelt a bit of burt oil.

Took it to Vauxhall who who couldnt find any fault codes and said it ran fine once it got there! They did find oil in the coolant so changed the oil cooler. Since then though car has refused to start in the same was a couple of times but now also cuts out randomly when driving. however now after a few minutes it starts fine again.

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Any help would be appreciated as this is turning into the worst car I have ever owned, basically unuseable!