Hi just cleaned my egr valve out on an 06 Signum elite at 62000 miles
Found new p/n valve fitted with the solenoid moving free but cleaned any way but the valve was solid with soot and carbon cleaned it all out with small screwdriver and carb cleaner then put a drill on the end and slowly rotated the valve to clean the seats.
On checking the inlet manifold found the hole all blocked with thick soot after much digging found that the big hole only has 2 small slots in it for the gas to get thru.
After cleaning all that out car now drives like new.
Is this amount of soot caused by having a DPF system fitted where it injects on the wrong stroke to allow to burn off?
I have never seen cars soot up the egr valve like these do in 25 years of servicing cars.
One question is how do you know the new fuel injector clips as my eng no is after the change but the clips are like the ones shown on the how to page with yellow locking clips?
Thanks Signum 150