Just fitted a new 1 to my passenger side headlight, the bulb that lights up the circular shaped bit of the headlamp. i.e. not the shape at the top the indicator bulb lights up or the rectangular shaped bit of the headlight that lights up.

just wondering, is there such a thing as fitting the bulb wrong, or is it either fit it right or it wont fit into the holder or the metal clips on the back of the headlight the bulb holder twists into.

Like I say, I fitted a new one, it fitted the bulb holder and the bulb holder twisted back onto the metal clips on the back of the headlamp ok, and the bulb lit up when I put the lights on, so obviously its working fine.

Whats got me worried was a guy at the vauxhall dealership told me that if fitted wrong the bulb although it would still fit ok and work ok wouldnt last anywhere near as long if fitted incorrectly so just wondered.

please put my mind at rest. cheers.

(p.s. I followed the instructions in the owners handbook exactly)