Hi all

Unfortunately I have a few signs on the GSi of head gasket failure!

- Losing far too much coolant than is normal (no obvious leaks from hoses)
- Mayo under the filler cap (I know this is quite normal on these engines)
- Running temperature is now about 6 degrees hotter than normal (not overheating yet)

I have ordered a block test kit and if this shows gases in the coolant, I guess it's pretty certain.

Does anyone know how much I'm looking at for a replacement? I know its going to be expensive

Also, do both of the h/g's need to be replaced? I can't actually think how they could tell which head it is so guess both would have to come off?

Cam belt etc I guess should be replaced at the same time - anyone want to lend me any money?!

I could of course just be panicking

Cheers in advance