Thanks for helping me everyone with Vectra Issue, spoke to townparks as I cant be bothered with arsing about. So the guy I spoke to says he certain its EGR valve needing replaced and its booked in for tuesday.

Should say though, that as soon as he rang me, I told him I aint paying for anything that doesnt fix the problem, so he knows the score lol.
He says he has the part but will carry out full diagnostic before fitting anything, and call me if there is any change which there 'shouldnt be'. Good I told him, he doesnt want to deal with a hormonal pregnant lady having a tantrum.

Costing me £252.63 which includes valve, diagnostics, labour and VAT.

Let pray this isnt the beginning of a huge veccy bill but to be honest Im at the stage im past caring how much it costs because I AM a hormonal and fed up at the minute