Hi All first post after lurking for a while. Basically just bought a Vectra this week. Totally dissappointed with the sounds. I'm not a stereophile but do like a decent sound.

I have a 2007 Vectra Life with CD30 sound system.

After much reading on this great forum it seems that your guys reckon the speakers are not too bad and the CD30 is the main issue.

So what should I do to upgrade?

My main requirement is just half decent sounds.

Basically I'm looking for an easy fit with out headaches of pairing/divorcing/marrying ex - Vectra radios like a CD70 upgrade.

I've seen a few ideas.


Circa £125


Circa £200

but the more I look the more I go ... ya like the idea of having Sat nav and bluetooth phone connections.

Anybody know anything about these? Good system? Safe to buy from China? Feedback seems good.



Not sure if I want to spend this sort of money though

Thanks in advance guys.