Another problem with my GSi !! My radiator has started to lead from the crimps. Iíve tried to repair with chemial metal but even though that seals OK the leak then appears from another crimp!! So Ė Iím going to have to fit a new radiator.

The question I have is can I fit the radiator for the manual version of the 3.2 even though I have an auto. The reason Iím asking is that the manual radiator (part no 24418341 is about £50 cheaper than the auto version (part no 13191386) and has my car has been modded with a separate oil cooler for the transmission, the outlets on the main radiator have been blanked off as they are not used.

Is the only difference between the auto and manual versions the transmission oil cooler part or are the dimensions / connections different too meaning itís not just a straight swap from the auto to manual radiator?

Thanks guys!