my go what a day . this on sunday my radiator decided to empty out near the plug. it was corroded just split . so i hunted for a new one got it 1130am and finished at 330pm not had car long and first attemt doing the rad i found it better taking front bumper off and tie the air con up and just pull it out from behind . i unscrewed the fan and left it in there for ease to put back on the new one. but my god how fidly never again i hope. did the new thermostat sat and oil sunday . took out before and all is well nice and roastie . also attempted first time to put gas in funny enough a lad turned up in same car and model but diff colour so i watched him and he showed me what to do. he filled a 30 litre for 18 quid or something stupid like that . i put 10 pounds in and took the needle half way . pat on the back for me