It looks like the dealership removed the air filter box in order to complete the cambelt change
I argued they had not refitted it correctly as the drain pipe was hanging loose and the bush at the bottom was missing
They advised they wouldn't need to remove the air filter box and having checked the service history they had never done so
However they agreed they would pay for parts and I would pay for the labour; stuff that, do it myself

I stripped it all out today
This also gave me a chance to give the air filter a good shake and clean!
I then refitted the missing bush at the bottom, and the drain pipe

However I then noticed there is a third pin, presumably for another bush however I can't ever recall seeing one there!
There are the two horizontal bushes that are clearly visible parallel to each other with the moutings on the inner wing, one at the top and one at the bottom
This third pin is vertical and the locating bush on the bodywork has a hole in the centre
Again, this pin does not have a bush on it, is there supposed to be?
Equally, is there supposed to be some sort of plastic pin that runs from the air filter box through this hole (which would also explain why I wasn't able to remove the air filter box at my last attempt)?

At least for replacing the air filter there is no need to remove the EMS that sits on the top!
However, removing all the torx screws to replace the air filter is a joke!