Had a problem with intermittant blower fan on all settings (including 4) so I took out the glovebox and wired up a meter across motor terminals. Since I did this it has worked perfectly, however I have problem with the interior light - am starting to think there may be some body control module problem!
So, when unlocking the car the interior light does not come on, neither with opening the doors. With the ignition on the door positions come through to the display on the dashboard. The rear compartment lights come on with the tailgate opening (estate).
When I was under the dashboard "playing" with the heater I did jam my head between the gearlever and dash (as one does) and I know I accidentally turned on the radio and also knocked the ultrasonic alarm disable. Now the interior light will sometimes be operated by the button in the series of 4, but not every time - it appears to be in some way linked to this alarm disable button in that after I have pressed it suddenly the interior light will start working again! I have only the one switch in the interior light module, other 3 are dummies.
Also, the glove box light still has power and will operate (although it is out right now with the rest of the glovebox). Blower is working perfectly, as are the rest of the electrical systems. Have tried opening and closing all doors but makes no difference. I wonder if in some strange way I have disabled it just like the other switch would do in the light module if it was fitted.
Anyone any clues?