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Vectra 1.9 cdti non start

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Hi all new to the forum and thanks for adding me,so now ill get started, my son bought a vectra cdti 150 with eml light on and so I had a look at it for him, checked all fuses etc and fuel before and after filter and all ok, it would run on a sniff of easy start then stop so I got an auto electric guy to have a look and said error codes across all 4 injectors so was an ecu fault.
ECU sent for test and came back ok so I lost faith in previous guy and got another guy to check it out, he checked egr valve and was ok gave it a sniff of brake cleaner and it fired and revved up no problem then sat at idle ok for about 20 seconds then cut out, on restarting it sounded like it needed bleeding and trying to fire,he got codes of po202 po203, basically a possible open circuit across all injectors so he said renew the injector plugs and if not that stick another set of injectors in which I did today and the problem is still there , I was wondering if anyone could help me out with potential problems and a cure, I was thinking wiring loom to ecu etc but not sure,thanks in advance.

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