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  1. Fuse giving off amps

    I checked my fuses with a multimeter and the only one giving off amps is my battery overload protection fuse itís giving off 12amps. Iíve checked the fuse and itís the wrong amp fuse on there so I change the fuse and hope it helps or is there another problem?
  2. Electrical problem

    Hi I bought a vectra estate design 150 engine 05 plate, recently when I was driving my electrics just went of then when the car went below 3000 revs they came back on. I recharged the battery to 100% tried it on the car but it drained the battery and still had the same problem with the electrics. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Iíve been thinking bad battery, bad earth strap or alternator
  3. vectra estate sri 2009 dti.

    changed my battery on my vectra estate 2009,now i have safe guard showing on my computers screen,how can i remove it.
  4. Vectra c heater intermittent

    Hi,Hopefully some one can help , I have searched the internet and had the car in the garage but no luck. Being able to find a solution would mean a lot , as I can not afford to or donít want to scrap the car.
    Itís is a Vectra c , 54 plate 1.8 unleaded. A few years ago the I the water in the foot well issue, the the heater started to play up , replaced the resister a few times, the replaced the fan motor about a year ago - itís not starting to play up , will work sometime and does not work ...
  5. stance+ coilovers

    hi guys i was looking at stance+ coilovers for my vectra c, does anyone have views on the quality of them coilovers?
    thank you
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