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  1. Vectra C rear drivers side door removal

    Morning Folks - new to the form so sorry if this is in the wrong place.
    Need some advice please - 2007 Vectra C 1.9 CDTI SRI owner for the last 10 years (had 2 before this as well - guess I kinda like em)
    I have scraped the rear drivers side door and am going to get one from a scrapyard to replace it (hopefully in the same star silver) - how do you get the old one off?
    I take it i need to slacken the two star bolts on the hinges then drive out the retaining pins? (which way up ...
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  2. signum warning lights

    when i start my signum all dash warning lights show up and wont go out any suggestions
  3. vectra c non start

    I have a 1.8 vectra c that wont start, fuel pump not running checked all fuses relays wiring and had ecu tested pump seems to be ok. still the same turns over but no fuel is it controlled by the rear fuse box. anyone had similar problems.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Vectra c cdti strange problem

    Hi all, has anyone had any issues with non starting after engine up to temp, after it's been running a while I get no the engine won't turn over and the elm light is not illuminated on the dash along with all the other check lights, I have to constantly turn the key through position 1 and 2 until the eml illuminates, it will then start, almost like something is getting too hot
    anyone seen this before, took ten minutes of constantly turning the key today before it would start :mad:
  5. Shinier Signum - continued.

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    Doors for another day.
    Nearside rear quarter nice and shiny.
    White line is where paint too thin. I'll redo it sonetime.
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