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  1. stance+ coilovers

    hi guys i was looking at stance+ coilovers for my vectra c, does anyone have views on the quality of them coilovers?
    thank you
  2. vectra c glow plugs

    hi i am new to this forum. i have just bought a vectra c 1.9 cdti sri 150

    i have snapped the glow plugs in the head but still got the electrode showing is there any way of removing thwm without having to remove the head

  3. P0340 fault code

    hi guys ,please help, i have my opel vectra c z16
    i have p0340 fault code and when the engine heat reached 90 degrees the rpm stoping at 4000
    i had replaced the canshaft sensor but the problem still
    i had another problem the water decrease about 0.25 liter whenever i drived 200 km
  4. Excessive use of engine oil

    Hi Guys

    I have a 2007, Signum 2.2 Direct GT with a Z22YH engine, 155HP, aproxx 130,000 miles.

    It started using an imporessive amount of oil (20-50W), like 4 liters per 1500 miles.

    There is no oil in the coolant
    It does not "smoke blue and white"

    Can worn piston rings or valve seals really be the reason for the consumption of that amount of oil ??

    Had it on a lift, no leaks found, no oils under the engine
  5. Insignia AFL fault

    Hi I have a 2012 insignia with AFL .
    a fault light intermittently came on “Ref osf light fault” at times the light would work and other times it would not.
    i changed the bulb , still the same so I ordered a replacement ballast resistor , supposedly the correct one for the car. Fitted the unit and hey presto the light works every time but the warning malfunction light still comes on concerning OSF headlight fault.
    Can anyone tell me if the afl system has to be recalibrated/reset ...
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