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Jason carrington

  1. Vectra c cdti strange problem

    Hi all, has anyone had any issues with non starting after engine up to temp, after it's been running a while I get no the engine won't turn over and the elm light is not illuminated on the dash along with all the other check lights, I have to constantly turn the key through position 1 and 2 until the eml illuminates, it will then start, almost like something is getting too hot
    anyone seen this before, took ten minutes of constantly turning the key today before it would start :mad:
  2. Cdti 150 strange problem

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has come across this before;

    When the car has been running for a while it won't start, as in I turn the key and nothing happens. No starter turning, no pump priming etc, almost like its immobilised.

    i have to turn the key to off then position 3 a number of times then it comes to life. No fault codes stored.
    what I have noticed that when turned to position 2 all the check lights are lit except for the EML light, if this happens I know ...