It has been noticed that a lot of threads where users (mostly new) are asking genuine questions, are getting sarcastic or unhelpful replies from numerous members, either telling them to learn how to search, RTFM/look at the manual, look in the how to's and so on.

This sort of unhelpful response seems to be part of the reason fewer people are joining in with the forum, and more people go to the facebook based vectra groups for a (sometimes wrong!) answer as at least they get a response with a helpful comment.

We know for long standing members it can be frustrating and boring answering the same things again and again, however, we would rather you either don't answer those posts if you can't be civil/helpful, or at least if you have the time to respond, you can always link to a helpful thread or posts

If we see the sort of replies continuing, we will try and delete the unhelpful posts when we have time/get chance so as not to put users off from using the forum, and leave room for people to put genuine useful replies without getting caught up in forum politics

Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance in this matter

The Moderators and Admin