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Thread: 1.8 vvt - engine rattle on start up

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    Default 1.8 vvt - engine rattle on start up

    I've started another thread on this matter as it was taking another off subject.. " 1.8 vvt, is it really that bad? "

    Originally Posted by Hazard
    took it into vauxhall yesterday and they said theres no fault so i left it with them over night so they could start it from cold this morning and still no fault they recon, so im taking it to a non vaux dealer to get a proper diagnosis and then take it back to vaux with the mechanics report.

    **** dealers

    thanks for remembering to report back Hazard, i had exactly the same diagnosis when i first reported it. Only occurs for 1 or 2 seconds & on an immediate 2nd start it doesn't occur again. I think they jumped into the car, fired it up - realised the radio was on & couldn't hear, switched it off & missed the problem.

    I had a non related problem this week meaning the car was in at the dealer, i did discuss this rattle on start up problem with them - i was advised Vauxhall are aware & there is a bulletin advising it is related to the use of long life oil (fully synthetic), after an oil change the noise will be less apparent, but after a while the oil is that thin it is draining out of the tappets, on restart you get the rattle until they are pressurised with oil again - if the noise dissapears within 10 minutes, take no action!

    I'm concerned about it at 2 seconds after every standing start!

    I asked to see the bulletin, but was told i was not allowed! next step to get the bulletin number and i'll get it from my contacts in Vauxhall fleet.

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    they do suffer from drain back...and another reason to keep that oil in tiptop condition and to ignore the 20,000 mile cahnge interval..... 10,000 is much better for the car..

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